From Bung Sang Computer Project to

Sao Mai Computer Center for the Blind

The Vietnam Save Disabled Children Association is our partner in the establishment of the SAO MAI Computer Center for the Blind of Ho Chi Minh City.
SAO MAI is the social achievement of the Bung Sang Computer Project.
The new Center, the first institution of this kind in Vietnam, will start operating in January 2002.

The computer Center is established for promoting the use of information technology in education, vocational training, online social and cultural activities among the visually impaired community of Vietnam in view of broadening their professional opportunities and facilitating the integration of the community with the sighted world.

Guidelines for the first year of activity

Dec. 2001 - Nov. 2002

Blind-to-blind computer classes
Free computer education for the blind and free usage of modern resources, such as Internet access and knowledge base stored in the center.
Classes are open to blind people of all ages with basic educational background who posses the skill of reading and writing in Vietnamese Braille Grade 1.

Braille print-outs
Production of Braille prints of books in Vietnamese and music scripts to benefit the schools, the provincial associations and communities for the blind.

Production of Braille prints of books in English and music scripts that may be sold outside Vietnam, in order for the Center to become a self-sustainable institution.

On-line tools
Creation of the Computer Center Web-site and research on blind-friendly Internet resources.

To provide advanced computer-based musical education in order for the blind to be able to compose, edit and manipulate music and sounds and produce their own CDs.

Games and Creativity
To make a number of workstations available to blind children for entertainment and for developing their creativity and logical skills.

Language skills
To offer Computer English education for advanced students of the Center so that they may be able to properly interact with the screen reader, to study effectively and to communicate.
To create and/or acquire blind user friendly software for foreign languages self-study.

Digital Library in the Vietnamese language to serve the blind
To start the development of an On-line Digital Library in Vietnamese and make it available to the blind in different reading supports (paper, CD-ROM).

Coordination of the human and technological resources available to the blind in HCM City in different locations.
To cooperate with educational institutions and organizations in the field of computer research and to develop software for the blind.
To create a ring of experts in computer science and supporters so that the Center may fulfill its objectives in education and research.

Scholarships and Research Fund
To create a Fund in favor of blind who wish to be trained in the Center.
To contribute financial assistance for visiting experts who wish to access the Center technological resources for research.
To finance the cost of visiting experts who can provide advanced and specialized training.

Development of software for the blind and research to create a standard Vietnamese Computer Braille Code.

To create favorable conditions and strategies for self-sustainability of the Center.

November, 2001