What the project is about

Duration: two years
Project head:
Prof. Carlo Pizzato
Educational and computer expert:
Prof. Amedeo Pignatelli
The project became operative in October 1999 with the creation of a computer room located in the premises of the Bung Sang community.
Purchase of the technology and installation of a computer center equipped with modern devices for the blind.
Voice interfaces on all computers and different kinds of Braille Displays.
Internet connection and peer to peer network.
Printers and embossers (Braille printers).

The Center will be equipped for:
reading and writing Vietnamese and English texts;
printing Braille format of books or other materials in Vietnamese or English;
producing Braille prints of music scripts;
learning how to use the computer and/or performing specific tasks.

We made a choice of plurality of means and configurations:

the computer created for the sighted with a screen reader for the blind, and devices created for the blind in order to use a computer. The project ambition is to create an environment in which the blind user can perform as many tasks as possible without memorizing commands or being assisted by a sighted person.
Two year course for a group of blind students who will become trainers and managers of the Computer Center. (sighted to blind approach)
Computer classes to be taught by the trainees. (blind to blind approach)

Education material to be created by the computer center:
Self-learning course for the blind, on CD-ROM, to learn how to use the computer for reading and writing.
Digital library for the blind, in Vietnamese.

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