The Mantovan Association

The Mantovan Association was formally established in Venice in 1993. 

In 1991 Giuseppe Mantovan was in Etiopia with his wife Rossana Tessarolo in a program against the diffusion of TBC and they were touched by the dramatic situation of the street kids of Addis Ababa.

In the following two years they were able to involve a group of friends from Venice and Bolzano in a project to improve the quality of the life of those kids, but while driving from a hospital to another in Ethiopia, they died in a accident in march 1993.

Their death changed the commitment of their friends and relatives who created the Association, in their memory, to help the street kids of the world.

The goal is to help small groups of teenagers to get over the survival problems, trying to guarantee them a future trough education and job training. 

The Association projects are based on the rights of the kids to have a future and to grow up with a background of education and professional training, in order to be able to say NO to begging, crime and exploitation.

Marco Mantovan, Chairman



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