The contributors

The project is promoted by Associazione Mantovan, Venice-Bolzano, Italy.

Its main sponsors are the European Commission (EU), the Province of Bolzano, Italy, the Province of Milan, Italy and the Veneto Region, Italy.

 Prosecution of the project is the responsibility of 
Associazione Mantovan 
and Associazione Italia-Vietnam, Comitato Veneto,Italy

  We wish to thank the following for their contributions
and support.

     Agenzia Viaggi Gran Canal, Venice, Italy
    Assicurazioni Generali, Venice, Italy
    GVC of Bologna, Italy
    Index, Sweden
    Istituto per i Ciechi F. Cavazza, Bologna, Italy
    Tiflosystems, Padova, Italy
    VVG of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    and the many individuals who have helped 
    and are helping in different ways.


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