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Sao Mai offers Computer Classes at the Center in HCM City and through Distance Training.

We provide free Computer Classes at the Center to visually impaired people coming from different places in Vietnam.
Most of them are school students or visually impaired employees of organizations for the blind.
We use the blind-to-blind approach so normally one blind instructor would assist up to five blind students at the same time. We can take students to quite advanced levels of authonomy and interaction with the computer technology. The ceiling depends on their English language skills.
In the first year of activity (2002), we trained visually impaired students, mostly of school age, to acquire basic computer skills. Their training was sponsored by Italian Business Association of Vietnam.
In 2003 we started a program to train blind women from different provinces. They would stay at Sao Mai for one or more terms of three months, with fixed tuition hours and unlimited access to the computer resources for the rest of the time. This program based on gender equality is still going on and is sponsored by the
Sao Mai Education Fund.
To train a blind person to use the computer for basic writing and reading requires quite a short time. After that, we train our students to use the technology as a tool for learning, for communicating and for amusement. We make them access and use tools such as accessible games, chat rooms, media players, talking books, on-line radio stations.
We give them the tools to go and find what is relevant to them.

With our Distance Training Program more blind people can acquire computer skills and we can reduce the costs.
We started the Program in 2003 by training blind people from different provinces of the Mekong Delta so that they would later become local assistant instructors.
Then (with funds contributed by Samsung) we established computer rooms with software for the blind in four provinces and in March 2004 we started the very first distance computer training for the blind in Vietnam, involving 32 blind "remote" students.
Tuition was based on access to Internet, audio tutorials prepared by us and four local tutors previously trained at Sao Mai.
The audio tutorial (in Vietnamese) can be dowloaded from our server and is also available on CD.
As for the classes held at the Center, the tutors who follow remote students are also blind.
We are working to consolidate this experience into a Distance Learning Network. We still focus on training local blind people from different locations so that they can act as assistant instructors. The system will grow and develop as other locations acquire the necessary computer equipment.

List of students trained at Sao Mai and in the Distance Training Program

Topics included in the audio tutorial CD
Preface Purpose of the tutorials and Training Team members.
(In Vietnamese)
0:03:50 Dang Hoai Phuc Pham Ho Thu Trang
Jaws Introduction What is a Screen Reader and how to run Jaws 0:10:33 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Adjust Voice Settings of Jaws Changing rate, pitch, persons with Global and Individual dialog boxes 0:25:08 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Explore Jaws Functions Overview on Jaws functions and how to navigate menu items 0:22:44 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Desktop Components Explore components on the Desktop such as Task Bar, List View, Tool Bar.. 0:29:10 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Typical Application Components Popular Layout of an Application Window 0:15:49 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Editing Text with HJPad Learn basic steps when editing a text file, differences between folder and file 0:36:49 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Managing Files with Windows Explorer Using Windows Explorer to manage files and folders. Create new folders, rename, copy... and organize your documents 0:34:55 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Working with Standard Windows Controls Learn about standard controls such as Checkbox, Combo Box, Tree View... and how to interact with them 0:18:09 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Adjust Volume Control Change system volume with Volume Control 0:08:36 Duong Chi Hung Dang Hoai Phuc
Adding Sounds to Windows Events Working with Sound Property dialog to add sounds to specific Windows events, such as Open Program, Program Error... 0:08:59 Duong Chi Hung Dang Hoai Phuc
Set System Date & Time Working with Date/Time dialog box 0:07:31 Duong Chi Hung Dang Hoai Phuc
Jaws Dictionary Manager Jaws Dictionary Manager is a tool to define pronunciation of words 0:18:23 Dang Hoai Phuc Dang Hoai Phuc
Four topics are organized in lessons
Using NDC,Text Editor with Vietnamese voice NDC is a free text editor, produced by SCITEC, with Vietnamese speech support. 10 Lessons Nguyen Hoang Bao Vu Nguyen Hoang Bao Vu
Microsoft Word MS Word is a very popular word processor that gives you many functions to edit text 3 Lessons Nguyen Hoang Bao Vu Pham Ho Thu Trang
Outlook Express Outlook Express is an email client that gives you tools to manage your emails, contacts... 2 Lessons Nguyen Thanh Son Dang Hoai Phuc
Internet Explorer How to navigate Internet with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Lessons Dang Hoai Phuc Pham Ho Thu Trang

The Sao Mai Training Team for Distance Learning includes:
Mr Dang Hoai Phuc, Mr Duong Chi Hung, Mr Nguyen Hoang Bao Vu, and Mr Nguyen Thanh Son.
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