Italian Business Association, Vietnam

The Italian Business Association was formally established on 17th  April 2002, according to Vietnamese regulations, under Permit Nr. 03/GP HHDN/HCM.

The objects of the Association are:

  1. To facilitate and increase two-way investment, business and trade flows between Vietnam and Italy, by providing for a permanent forum aimed at identifying, examining and discussing matters of common inertest of its Members in connection with the economic, industrial and commercial environment in Vietnam and Italy;
  2. To raise the profile of Vietnam in the Italian business community and the profile of Italy in the Vietnamese business community;
  3. To complement the bilateral activities carried out by missions and/or other Italian business organizations;
  4. To support Italy in accordance with the provisions set out in these by-laws and any IBA Contracts and to provide assistance to business issues in Italy and in Vietnam by representing  and protecting the interest of the IBA Members;
  5. To facilitate the creation of strategic alliances between  Vietnamese and Italian companies;
  6. To promote and organise meetings and other functions among Members and non-Members of the Association, to promote fellowship and to co-operate with other bodies and associations in Vietnam;
  7. To undertake any activities for the achievement of the above-stated objectives, in conformity with these by-laws, the IBA rules and the IBA decisions.

            (From STATUTE, ARTICLE 3. OBJECTS)


        I.B.A. is chaired by Mr. Carlo Anzon and is managed by a General Committee that includes:

 Carlo   ANZON             - Chairperson

 Carlo ZAVAGNO          - Vice-Chairperson

 Fabrice MANGIONE     - Secretary

 Antonio  RIZZOTTI      - Secretary


    In 2000 IBA organized, in Ho Chi Minh City, its first cultural event: "Cavalleria Rusticana", a short Italian Opera. The profit was  donated to NGO CESVI of  Bergamo, Italy, to improve life condition in some areas of Lam Dong Province.  

    In 2001 IBA organized "Verdiana", also in Ho Chi Minh city, in cooperation with the Saigon Ballet and Symphony Orchestra and the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Hanoi. The profit was donated to Bung Sang Computer Project, HCM, Vietnam, operated by Italian NGOs, for the creation of a computer center for the blind.

    Furthermore, each year, we organize some small events addressed to the Italian families living in Vietnam.


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