The Web Team Training Program

promoted by Sao Mai Education Fund

Last update: 24 February, 2005

The Program  was started in August 2003 and was carried on for about twelve months.

The objective was to provide web developing skills to blind computer users so that they may:

a) use the know-how to benefit the blind in Vietnam

b) transfer the know-how to other blind

c) develop web pages.

Acquisition of know how was based on:

- independent learning (two HTML tutorials, one in English and one in Vietnamese, were converted and could be used off-line)

- upload and download practice on this server

- transfer of know how on specific topics from local experts

- development of web pages to be uploaded on this server or on other hosts

- online tuition and counseling provided by Prof. Amedeo Pignatelli.

Progress achieved during the implementation of the Program

Some  pages have been uploaded on a dedicated area of this server during the first months.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao Vu has acquired elementary skills.

Mr. Duong Chi Hung and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son have acquired basic skills and use the facilities of the Bung Sang Computer Room.

Pages developed by Mr Tran Ba Thien and Mr Nguyen Dinh Toan can be read on this server.

Ms Phan Thuy Phuong and Ms Nguyen Minh Thuy have been working on a collection of Vietnamese texts and music that implements web technology.

Mr.  Dang Hoai Phuc has developed the Sao Mai Center website and has assisted Ms Phan Thuy Phuong, Ms Nguyen Minh Thuy and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Quoc in  acquiring basic skills.

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