to support computer education for the Blind and children with disabilities

(2014 – 2016) DoudouLinux for Thai and Vietnamese children

In 2014 we outlined a new project to benefit Thai and Vietnamese children.

This project is based on the experience of the Chonlada life-skills Project, an innovative computer-based life skills project operated in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)  by the Dulabhatorn Foundation (from 2011 to 2015) to help develop cognitive, motor and social skills in children affected by Down syndrome, autism and other disadvantaging conditions.

Most of the computer activities used in the Chiang Mai project are also included in a Linux OS for children (aged 2+ to 12) called DoudouLinux, already available for download in more than 40 languages.
It is free software with about 200 activities, some of them for parents/teachers too.
DoudouLinux uses Live-CD technology, so the computer boots from DoudouLinux DVD or USB device and the system runs without interfering with the OS installed in the computer.

Main screen of DoudouLinux

Following the Chiang Mai experience with disabled children, we supported a project to translate DoudouLinux  in Thai.  Contact: pboojom at
The director of Sao Mai Center proposed that Sao Mai should translate it in Vietnamese to benefit Vietnamese children.
Sao Mai Center director is Dang Hoai Phuc who was a student in the Bung Sang Project and now father of three children.
The Sao Mai Center, with financial support from the Mantovan Association of Bolzano, Italy, has translated DoudouLinux for the sighted Vietnamese children to use it and enjoy it.
It is a rare example, if not unique, of how the blind can actively participate and contribute to the community and the society.
For the two of us it is an achievement of our approach to disability, because with this project the blind are not operating for themselves and not receiving from but giving to society.
DoudouLinux Vietnamese
Download the stable release of DoudouLinux Vietnamese. The 1GB download will start on clicking.
SHA1 checksum: 07eb38b17809c8543361fd2ddd3ecd6c91874555
DoudouLinux Vietnamese was tested and used with disabled children from October 2015 at the Long Hai Center for social protection of children, in South Vietnam.We also provided training of their teacher in Computer Assisted Learning for children with disabilities.
DoudouLinux Thai
Download the stable release of DoudouLinux Thai. The 1GB download will start on clicking.
SHA1 checksum:  ee65d3bbbd94ace40d0934c4e8b6a5b4085293b8
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