to support computer education for the Blind and children with disabilities


From 2002 to 2013 we provided scholarships for blind attending computer training at the Sao Mai Computer Center for the Blind  (HCM City, Vietnam) or for independent study and research at the Center.


A Braille Display

A Braille Display

Tutors and students are blind.

Blind-to-blind training can reach quite advanced levels, such as accessing Internet resources, printing books in Braille, writing Jaws scripts or producing a CD.

When the students go back to their place of origin they can teach other blind and help reduce the Digital Divide.

We encourage blind computer users to research and study on various topics, such as Linux environment,  the Internet, or software for blind children to develop cognitive skills.


binh hung phuc in ciclo

In 2012 we supported a computer-based life skills project held in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) to develop cognitive, motor and social skills in children affected by Down syndrome, autism and other disadvantaging conditions. In 2015 we extended support and know-how to a similar program at the Long Hải Centre for Social Protection of Children (South Vietnam).




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