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Se vuoi contribuire

by amedeo

Per contributi effettuati in Italia si puo’ usare il cc dell’ Associazione Mantovan di Bolzano.

The operating account in Italy is:

Cassa Rurale di Bolzano, Filiale di via Roma
IBAN IT62V 08081 11604 000 311 002 301

Causale: Sao Mai Edufund

Please mention “for SAO MAI Edufund” in the transfer instructions.

Per contributi effettuati in Vietnam si puo’usare il cc del Sao Mai Center.

Donations can be wired or deposited in Vietnam at the Sao Mai Center account

Account full name:
Trung Tam Huong Nghiep & Cong Nghe Tro Giup Cho Nguoi Mu Sao Mai
Short name: TTHN & CNTG Cho Nguoi Mu Sao Mai
Account number: 190867229, Swift code: ASCBVNVX
Bank name: Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
Bank branch: ACB-PGD Tan Son Nhi, Ho Chi Minh City.

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