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Disability in Vietnam

by amedeo
Blind help the blind

Blind help the blind

Information about disabled persons in Vietnam
(source: NCCD, 2006)

1. Quantity and distribution of persons with disabilities

According to the survey data of MOLISA (Ministry of labour, invalids and social affairs) there are approximately 5.3 million persons with disabilities all over the country, accounting for 6.63% of total population. This number has increased 0.29% in the last 6 years. However, according to WHO, the number of people with disabilities in Vietnam is approximately 10% of the population.

The Vietnamese with disabilities are distributed in 8 regions as follows:
– North West : 157,369 persons
– North East : 678,345 persons
– Red River Delta : 980,118 persons
– North Central : 658,254 persons
– Central Coast : 749,489 persons
– Central Highland : 158,506 persons
– South East: 866,516 persons
– Mekong River Delta: 1,018,341 persons
87,20% of the people with disabilities are living in rural areas, the last 12,8% are living in the urban.

2. Types of disabilities and causes

Types of disabilities in Vietnam:
– Mobility: 29.41%
– Mentality: 16.82%
– Visual: 13.84%
– Hearing: 9.33%
– Language: 7.08%
– Intellectual: 6.52%
– Others: 17.00%

Congenital (35.8%), diseases (32.34%), war consequences (25.56%), work accidents (3.49%), traffic accidents (1.16%) and others (1.57%).
These causes reflect the nature of human as well as the primary care for children and the poor quality of health services, which can cause the out-of control over the diseases that lead to high rate of disabilities. The causes from wars also accounts for high percentage, not only in the present generation, but also in the future generations, of which the most visible consequence is the victim of dioxide.

More information is available in this document from World Bank.

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