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Disability is not just a medical issue. It is not just a social issue.  

It is a human rights issue.

The Banian Tree is the place where we keep the story of our work in Vietnam. Since 1999 – and even before, our projects  provide computer education for the blind, with special programs for children and women.

This short video documents origins of Sao Mai Center, years of work and achievements.

In 2012 we expanded our support to the Chonlada life-skills Project, a computer plus multi activities life skills project held in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) to develop cognitive, motor and social skills in children affected by Down syndrome, autism and other disadvantaging conditions.

Following the Chiang Mai experience with disabled children (based on computer activities running in the Linux OS), in 2014  we supported  the translation of the software, DoudouLinux, in Thai and Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese translation is made by the Sao Mai Computer Center for the Blind.


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Vietnamese Braille Alphabet

Vietnamese Braille Alphabet

Vietnamese Braille numbers and common caracters

Vietnamese Braille numbers and common symbols







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